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Neuropunk Boostergang


  • Compact Disc (CD) + Digital Album

    4-panel spot gloss digipack on matte UV stock with 12-page booklet.

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  • 12" Vinyl LP
    Record/Vinyl + Digital Album

    Matte covers with spot-gloss "X". Double sided insert.

    Includes unlimited streaming of Neuropunk Boostergang via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.

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Cortex craving data No longer contains creative process Body subjective Grasp both sec-0nds First, layer that cannot cope resorts to deception Message for method cache, deploy action Heralding fragment-field connected Undigested meta trope selection Ground gears flash hot Next, figure has lost all will power in twilight Resigned to wretched ware Confirm: Degrade Role has changed One blind world contradicts Memory results in mimicry Cause - Info - Pause - Radiate Rate - Sonant - Forms - Complicates Clash - Constant - Rouse - Convention (Flounderer) Toil planet; caste dimension Crave further psyche encountered [Mission directives from Lyra Enterprises: Psycho-Social Dismantling & The Body-Vessel’s Planetary Containment Against Significant Pressure from the Anti-Information Thrust; Document 50.A]
Megacorp 03:10
Mastery of the people’s commonwealth receptors Futurist EcoEyes’ tactical neglectors Techno-monopoly eradicated states Corporate citizen’s deformulated fates Sovereign currency formerly exists Scan eventuality = ManageHand persists Hemorrhaging CEO into emperor Megacorp selected lifeblood net-workers Forgotten aftertimes, deny the bequest Devour exo-rinds of lurking infonest Budding conglomerate fights from outside The web of prominence where artisan badges lie Survive the strategy barreling out Solemn guarantee, Body Alpha doubt "Corp doesn't speak to One in the middle of the night One speaks to Corp in the middle of the night” Cheer the blaze of the flock Mind the craze, snare is taut
Similar nature evoked totem Diadem punctured skyrocket broken Large and frail, patched through skin Macro vails fine-tuned grin Pyramid personage operates Truncated slanted walls pristine glass; soft wait Seasonal cycles of sunlight wash With music, light and heated opaque shields; pale slosh Recursive affection constructed Extruding duration conductor; first step Physical viral code initiated Perform tasks locally completed; Hire-Net Telematic scale of the sense Distributed Mail-wrapped defense Remapped zone of erasure oscillates ebb and flow Naturalized destructure negating earthbound growth The path to bliss is just beyond thought-design with chaos
Waste Ranger 03:27
Hired by shadow ranks to patrol lands SyBAR Net vulture-eyes with VisiScans Mutant lurkers, vibrant colors juxtaposed Fiercely ardent dusty soldiers stringing bows Look to the north with idlers stranded New spawn points rise for crimesquad gambits Underworld zone bunkers angered Life forms dance wild with Waste Rangers Unlocked prize, hardware lies finder keeps Upgrade valve, pressure cranks, blasted heaps Construct lives as rusty socketed artifact Different sketchy beasts of worth forming packs Activate removal rummage pack blast attack Refuse rats can't escape, “corner them!” Parasite flaws innately disappear, “commandeer!” Beady leers of ridden life captured quick Engineering masterpiece, junk collectors cheaply leased Halt the cranes and freeze the spires Calibrate those worn Beliars Hail storm whips through the night Scattered and battered with snow virus bytes Causeways twist 'round the bends Mangled and tangled no limits within
Cryptosteal 05:31
Jacked into the scandal-banks Worldwide hunt for crooked change Restart the basic forces of world-building changeless courses Cold storage heist manoeuvers Super-rig sweatshop troopers Percentage of rakeback accrued feed the fires with microfuel Creation of new spawn points Lunkerheads with sparking joints Assimilate toward collapse not surfaced but in synapse Pythagor's being demands a rooted grasp on SuperFans Transmatter conscious capture resubmits life extractor Grime awakens in the night Usurpator leaves a shrine Entrance action universe Soulvoid laughter fills its purse Hear the sounds of laboriously pilfered Anti-coin Mines Sourced far and vast beyond these outer Ultracredit crimes Aggro portent of Cryptosteal lays waste to sharp grid volition captor Lies bright tonight magistrate weaver in the subcells of unhinged collapsers The cycle of this necessity and savagery bears justice A new common durance succeeded by the Levogyre accomplice Battled WraithSect’s darksight wish Neo crashes wash amidst Snow-glare digit found its mark Song of static [from] SiphonLark
Teleremote systems projecting fragmented self and physical reactions Extraterrestrial location; lunatic operator is directing colonies Experts gain control of proxy robotics Fist-eye instrument appears deficient Lie awake, sacrifice times intent Operate in the night, resource spent Corporeal feelers providing sensation of limited Intensioners Autonomous beings capable of intelligent, precise dimension-scourge Forward simulates clutch’s precision Assists, overcomes; problem not undone Electron space becomes medium Action born rather than tedium Ever increasing fidelities; interactiveness continually enhanced Swinging brackets hurling blasphemies reform against bewitched Bio-Mance Performance restrictions limited by anatomy or occupied in space Restructured convictions multiplies in reality with messages from Face
Rejunkulizer 03:08
Mired below sewer level three Henchback workers ridden with disease Hunting shrapnel from above warzones Construct [re]cycled menacing crash-clones [indecipherable commands from battlewastes] Spiraled around Command Zero Mega city structure weapons thrown Ever present conflict increases Hostile bloodthirst piles stacks of deceased Enraged marches of muck-rank scums Bearing downward on powered hydro-lunge Strike and parry Flanked by advantage, swing forth bent makeshift droid Simple chiefs motivate Steam engine’s mysticism Subworld goons extricate Armored dukes' frontline fate Detonate wrecking swiftness Crumpled sparks transfer shiftless Skullshock bang ringing deafness Clockwork hangs dangled vestment Secret spiral shells Centroid’s screaming quelled
Amidst fallen rubble a lawless figure rises Crystalline eyes descendant of the torture Urban centers burning; organic vessel lies Scanning unsuccessful Nanotech injection Bioware retrieval Stacking the enhancements Autonomous image dominating limits Hunt the source with zeal Raze the probes who deny [BOOSTERGANG] Guarded Siren's orders graft muscle twines Crafty techno-hoarders dealing heinous crimes Crown's echo chamber hollows out the minds Head's swirling anger losing all this time Brace for attack, street stronghold Rebel’s blast above exposes nanite’s glaring stress site [RECOIL] Newly determinated stances are shifted Blight shreds through weak cowered souls seeking access [DENIED] Volatile cybernetic cult; rituals before idols Banishing authority to the outer planes Toxic combat zones secured Idle metal target’s penance is bestowed Countenance bombarded, visage fades below Covered tempered cores cured and evolved Grins above the gore, avatar once more
Obsoletor 03:03
The bipedal smasher 2000C Flex quasi-brain master capacity Binocular vision distorted Biologic tension evaporates Walls tower beyond bounds [OBSOLETOR] Graves lining global grounds [DISMANTLER LORD] Complexity dissuades inquiry Absent without sourceful capability Ill-equipped coping mecha-lites Determinate limited rest size Scorched lasers cauterize [OBSOLETOR] Head rotates blistered sides [DISMANTLER LORD] Modular design overheats Immuno-decline carbon feet Reproduction enhanced human mystery Creature logic eschewed into history Redesign altered mind corpulence Architect re-inspects imminence Transforming evolution hybrid styled Physical equalising unseen files Counterfeit adult lives ostracized Interface disconnect pacified Shedding skin; amnesty dehydrates Synthetic malfunctioning hollow mates
Ideal justness sinful failing Honest listless circle draining Spirit letter perfectly unites Placement better; absent invite Quest for a future Just world is truer Essence order aiming outlook Resource hoarder drifting PeaceBrook Behind death's vale chosen pathways Colour heartscale breathing half-pace Gleaming distant light-form burns out Mirage escapes boundless journey Eternal opens divine painting Constructions delay common design Hurting person distinguishes Speeches, patterns, communication Survival fitness doesn't exist No solution begins flawless Peaceful foresight advances war Obsessed sunset revelation Choking fountain well-spring essence Begets sacred shadow blinking Feeling machine that happens to think Empty souls re-lacing [NO] Faking relationship [HEART]


Originating from Austin, TX, EXPANDER has subverted traditional band trajectories to receive global recognition of their unique brand of futuristic metalpunk since forming in 2014. With their second full-length album, “Neuropunk Boostergang”, the group aggressively channels the anxieties foisted on us from oppressive systems using every weapon at their disposal: pummeling rhythms, transcendent melodies and wild vocal deliveries that keep listeners on guard for whatever might come crawling from the wastes next.

This record marks the band’s return to God City, again utilizing the state-of-the-art studio to capture every nuance of the raw energy contained within these potent audio capsules. The result is a glimpse into a barbarous future where traditional riffs get flipped on their head, anti-gravity rhythms pull you in different directions and supernatural voices jack-in to your skull to command attention.

Should we retain our humanity in the face of constant neurological assault? Is the physical body altogether obsolete? What otherworldly landscapes plagued by grotesque overlords will we find ourselves surviving next? With Neuropunk Boostergang, Expander mercilessly answers these questions with the fist of flesh and mind of machine.


released August 21, 2020

Engineered and mixed by Kurt Ballou
Mastered by Joel Grind
Art by Luca Carey


all rights reserved



EXPANDER Austin, Texas

timezapped neuropunk boostergang est. Austin, TX 2014

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