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Laws of Power


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Wallow Within
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Wallow Within Expander is the black sheep in my collection. Actually I think it's the only not-so-black-sheep in my collection. But good music doesn't know any genre borders (it does) and Expander make some damn good, properly crafted metal punk. I think though the punk element isn't very obvious. However, it's a fun time listening to it, what do you want more?!
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Hank I'm not going to even begin to shove Expander into a genre box, because where do I even begin? For now, I'm going to classify them as Hardcore Blackened Sludge Thrash. Dumb jokes aside, who cares really. There's a little something for everyone here, and Laws of Power is just a good soundtrack for smashing things--regardless of restrictive genre classifications. Favorite track: Slime Beach.
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    Professionally manufactured cassette release of "Laws of Power" on Caligari Records. Thick 4-panel j-card including all lyrics. Artwork and layout by Alexander L. Brown. Band copies of the limited edition of 150. Comes with logo sticker.

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A howl from Titan Moon Wizard's master plans A burst of immense evil energy Set forth by Red Witch's hands Innoculating souls, mutant lands The Ovuum of filth cracks in the gutter One has risen, a commander like no other The Mayor of Defilment, the King of Disease Sent here to undermine and bring us to our knees Mortal's technology cannot comprehend These universal orders brought upon our heads Spreading across the planet, moving at rapid speeds The torment is looming, cosmos plants the seed Extermination process isn't such a bore With The Mayor and his minions thirsting for more The spirit of mankind is fiercely contested Celestial war has answered ancient questions Abhorrent creators eager to suppress cognition Human contention halts conflict barely an instant
Slime Beach 03:41
Millions of years ago, the dawn of an era A lifeless void shocked into breath Eyeless, blind, wretched, stupid and numb No one knows from which it comes The process of evil The gift of sight in these vast oceans Creature on creature, a bloody proposition Nature's entropies Now it's crawling onto the shores Diversifying limits, creeping evermore Perfect solution grinding through waste Gift of our expansion, vicious at its base Suffering planet is not a concern For the unity brought down by the ones Who toil away in the heavens above to bring us what we desire Aiming spells at the ones who know nothing of existence I am the Slime I have always been Ever since I crept from the depths of the oceans My plan has been one of sinister devotion The cosmos are now aligned Galactic partners, universal crime Now in the present we have got a war With celestial beings keeping the score Eternity does not exist (for those) Who turn life into nothing Aiming spells at the ones who know nothing of existence
In the desert at the base of the mount Near the diamond that fuels hybrid's enterprise The Orange seeking a plan for purity Transform the foundations of time and space Fathers of the Greys and cousins of our own Light years away came searching for a home Working with top levels and wrong dwelling Siders The re-birds from Lyra calculate the binders What is it that no one knows That will bring together sacred DNA Star power, lightning strikes death Twisted hatchlings, a monster's caress A new soul matrix, though beautiful it's glow Has the power to unleash nuclear snow Destiny has brought us a chosen strength A descendant from Barnard's star "HEEYYYYY What has been done?" The Moon Wizard booms from the heavens "These have been the rules of force - The price levied is extinction Of humans and their red-star brothers "What has been done?" Red Witch cries out
Wrong Side 02:15
Lurking in the night, crawling in my skin Contact with the shadow void, spirit shifts unhinged Marching through the blackness, body covered in sores Moldered chompers smacking putrid breath No future, no morals, visions of twisted existence Plunging into netherrealm, never coming back Don't talk about the right side I'm on the wrong side of the dirt and you're next Bad look, street smarts, cold shoulder Don't talk about the right side I'm on the wrong side of the dirt and you're next Summoned by the orders of glorious overlords Reptants transmit anti-cosmic runes No future, no morals, visions of twisted acceptance Cloaked in vagrant form, another city blighted Don't talk about the right side I'm on the wrong side of the dirt and you're next Don't talk about the right side I'm on the wrong side of the dirt and you're next
Motorized exterminator, highest order cursed Rotating through the multitudes, looking to subverse You will be... SLICED RIPPED TORCHED AND JARRED Chief Ophidian officer, confines in osseus prison Suspended in disbelief, runes obscure cognizance The one living as a tumor filled wretch Brings the third dimension to it's edge Space crafts racing towards the end Unexpecting planet not easy to defend Draco's hammer liquifies atmosphere While mankind stands quaking in abhorrence in fear Space crafts racing towards the end Unexpecting planet not easy to defend DRACO'S HAMMER The future is captured only for the lords Liquified brains, made quick of the dead Eternal blindness casts itself (through) history erased human's disgrace
"Herein lies the laws of power mortal's greed has struck the final hour" The brothers in arms which provide fortress Will disappear from this realm, celestial mourning Meteors raining down relentlessly on this planet A curse from above, not a hope in this world to contain it Elites and slavemasters have always held the cards, no bluffing Billions of years culminate in a lost cause, the hunted "Herein lies the laws of power mortal's greed has struck the final hour" What has this world been lived for; watched night become day For eternity, swept away, like light flashes in the Arctic night Evolution just a scam, tormenting Experiment finding no Gods, no masters, in the end All a hoax, a vision collapsed, promises unfilfilled Chaos constantly swirling, expanding into nothing, anxiety hammer Distraught and calloused, indifferent universe is dead


"a marauding, head-wrecking melange of punk and metal"

"sets a high standard for thrashy punk"


released July 18, 2015

Recorded by Travis Bonner in March 2319 at Diamond Factory, Austin, TX. Illustration and design by Alexander L. Brown. Logo concept by Timo Ketola. Many thanks to Hansel and Caligari Records.


all rights reserved



EXPANDER Austin, Texas

timezapped neuropunk boostergang est. Austin, TX 2014

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